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In tune with The Twelve

Colours are used to denote the various seasons in the liturgical year. Purple which represents anticipation and preparation is the colour of Advent and Lent, red for feasts of the Lord’s passion, Blood and Cross while white symbolizes purity, joy and triumph so it is the most appropriate colour of Christmas and Easter. In this season of Ordinary Time  the vestments are predominantly green, signifying the season of hope and growth.

In contemplating the mysteries of Christ we reflect not only on his life and miracles but his teachings as well. It was Christ of course who taught his apostles to say the ‘ Our Father ’ saying,  ‘ So you should pray like this ’ ( Matthew 6:9 ), because Christ himself gave to all who did receive him, the power to be children of God ( John 1:12 ). Thus God was father to the apostles. Therefore just as the apostles did, we too in receiving Christ pray in the same way, in harmony and with one accord to ‘ Our Father who art in Heaven ’

St Cyprian, bishop of Carthage in the third century was an important Early Christian writer who spoke of the God of peace, the teacher of harmony who taught us unity and willed that each one of us should pray for all. Hence each of us does not ask for bread alone nor that he alone should not be led into temptation. Instead we pray for all and as St Cyprian writes so eloquently ‘ Our prayer is public and for all, and when we pray, we pray not for a single person, but for the whole people because we are all one ’

Christians know of course that Christ had also said that ‘ …your Father knows what you need before you ask him ’ ( Matthew 6:8 ). So when we say this wonderful prayer that is so rich in spiritual power, all that we pray for to God is answered if we ask for it in the name of the son, to which I would add, if we ask as it says in this wonderful prayer, that ‘ thy will be done ’. So indeed we are asking to do His will and since He alone knows what we truly need, then if this is in accordance with His will, He will grant in His own time.

No picture to see this week since my equipment is being serviced but as you know, God comes to us in our hearts. That is where we meet and see Him.