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Firmly I believe and truly God is Three and God is One

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In my early days while newly-baptised in the faith, I recall my first Sunday of The Most Holy Trinity. It was a bright sunny day and I remember reflecting on its’ title as being a day when we specially celebrate God in Three Persons. I think that back then we simply used to call it Trinity Sunday and I remember with much pleasure the hymn set to the words of John Henry Newman.

Over time and particularly now as I approach and embrace my faith with greater awareness and renewed energy, I have come to see this special day as more than just a commemoration. I hope I have begun to understand it better and more fully.  In doing so I also see that the message of the promise which was made and fulfilled by the Risen Christ at Pentecost is repeated and given greater emphasis today.

To me, the journey of the Word which begins  with God the Father is then given us by the grace of the Son and further inspired by the coming of the Holy Spirit. And when the Spirit having been sent to us is in us, the Word which comes from the Father is also in us. Therefore if we keep The Word, we will receive into our hearts the Father and the Son which was what Christ meant when He said

” If anyone loves me he will keep my word

and my Father will love him

and we shall come to him

and make our home with him ”

– John 14:23

Thus the words of the celebrant at the beginning of  mass ‘ May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all ’, takes on a special significance.

The Trinity is all bound into One with the Word being handed down by the Father through the Son and then made firm by the Holy Spirit. We cannot receive one without the other or any combination of two parts without the third since they are All in One.

Isn’t this the richest gift one could ever have or be given?

And I hold in veneration,

For the love of him alone,

Holy Church as his creation,

And her teachings as his own.

Adoration ay be given,

With and through the angelic host,

To the God of earth and heaven,

Father, Son and Holy Ghost

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The Promise of The Spirit

 As the Father sent me, so am I sending you

John 20:21

It is Pentecost Sunday, the day when in fulfilling the promise made to his disciples at the last supper, Christ sent them an advocate to build up His church to be united and holy. Father  Jeremy Davies pointed out in St Paul’s letter  to the Ephesians that the gift of the Holy Spirit was given to build up the church into a community and into holiness, so as to build up each Christian into the image of our Lord Jesus and thus enable the fullness of Christ to dwell fully in every Christian. As his disciples were,  we too are in receipt of this same promise of the Holy Spirit.

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In addressing  the gathering at Tyburn on Sunday, Fr Jeremy explained that Christ in bringing us into unity with His body paves the way for us to become the visible church, His visible church. Christ brings everyone into unity with God’s love by bringing them into union with Himself. The journey to God through the Son is possible since Christ himself is in union with the Father

 On that day you will understand that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you  

John 14:20

and this journey is aided by the coming of the advocate as promised by Christ. It is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, the spirit of wisdom and understanding that Luke says which opens the new testament to us. Through His son and by way of the Holy Spirit unlocking all the mysteries and teachings of Christ, God speaks to every human being on this earth. We are only asked to listen and to open our hearts.

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The platform of the Westminster Catholic Evidence Guild at Tyburn bears witness to the message and promises of Christ each Sunday afternoon and is blessed with the presence of Fr Jeremy Davies who journeys down from Luton on the third Sunday of each month.

I call you friends because I have made known to you everything I learnt from my Father

John 15:15

And on each of these days, many friends are gathered to share in the special gifts that call us all to be Christians.

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