A very warm welcome to my new blog which is dedicated to the various aspects and experiences of my faith. In recent months I had been approaching my blogs from the standpoint of being a practising Catholic, being moved to comment on and share my thoughts and views with my readers. As the season of Easter progressed this year I decided to create a new blog on which I could focus this key part of my life. A number of the entries so far will have appeared on my regular blog but the ones I shall be writing here will be more about faith, my experience of it along with associated images.

During the course of the vigil mass of the fifth Sunday of Easter on the evening of Saturday April 27 at Westminster Cathedral, His Grace Archbishop Vincent Nichols referred to the artistic licence taken by the makers of the film, The Passion of The Christ with respect to the closing passage in the second reading. It stirred a thought in me. The most part of my life as a convert had been spent at two parishes, that of St James’s in Marylebone and at St Elizabeth’s of Portugal in Richmond but I believe the awakening of my faith took on a vigour when I began attending mass on a regular basis at Westminster Cathedral in 2011. Therefore as with the lips of our fallen Saviour in allegedly uttering those words ‘ Now I am making the whole of creation new ‘ to his mother as He made His way to Calvary, thus I found by the grace of God, a new beginning in my grasp of my faith. I am only at the start of my new-found journey so I hope you’ll allow me some indulgent moments, the first of which being to take from the final book of the bible, the title of my new blog. I feel this to be a new phase of my life as a Catholic and I hope I am brave enough to continue on it as I should. I will be very happy if you should have time to walk with me a part or all of the way.

Thank you.

Weenson Oo


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