Time to Give Thanks

At Westminster Cathedral, Fr Alexander in his homily at the vigil mass of Corpus Christi referred to the occasion as one of the great solemnities of the liturgical year and one by which we have the opportunity to thank God for the gift of Christ.

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Man has much to be grateful for Christ, predating even the days when our Lord walked the earth. You may remember of course St Paul’s reminder to  the brothers in Corinth about the journey of their fathers through the desert. He spoke about how they were guided by the cloud above them, that they drank from the spiritual rock which followed them as they went and indeed that rock was Christ. So Christ himself has been with us from our early days. It reminds me of the poem of the footprints in the sand, when the person observing two sets of footprints while walking along the beach with the Lord, upon looking back at the various scenes of his or her life noticed that during the lowest and most difficult moments only one set of footprints were to be seen. When questioned on being supposedly abandoned, the Lord’s reply was that during those trying times it was the Lord who was carrying that person. We know from the Holy Trinity, that if the Father did the carrying then so did the Son.

Thus it is fitting that we should always remember Christ and not only in the sacraments but in our daily lives since who could and would understand us in the way that he does. It is not as St Paul says that we have a high priest who was incapable of feeling our weaknesses with us but instead we have one who had been tempted in every way that we are. So we should be confident that in Jesus we have one in whom not only will we always enjoy kindness, generosity and understanding  but we will also find his grace when we are in need of his help.

Returning to St Paul again who in referring to the partaking of the sacraments said,

Until the Lord comes therefore,

everytime you eat this bread and drink this wine,

you are proclaiming His death

Corinthians 11:26

it would be good that while we reflect on his words and give thanks for the deed and great gift that it is, to live a life that reflects the worthiness of the gift.


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